Co. Ruri Mito


Ruri Mito performs in SU Wen-chi's "Anthropic Shadow"
2019/10/18-20 Experience Theater (No.21-1, Zhongshan S. Rd. Taipei)


Ruri Mito was born in Tokyo in 1982. She started studying dance at 5 years old at The Modern Ballet Institute, Tokyo. She graduated from the Japan Women's College of Physical Education, Department of Movement Science Dance Studies Major MA(2000-2004). She is now actively performing in many countries and has won many prizes. She has also worked with choreographers such as Damien Jalet, Sasha Waltz, Wim Vandekeybus and so on. In 2017, she received Tatsumi Hijikata Memorial Award. She is Junior Fellow of the Sainson Foundation (2018-2019).

Tatsumi Hijikata Memorial Award at Odoru.Akita International Dance Festival 2017
1st Prize at Solo Dance Contest in Gdansk Dance Festival, 2017
International Jury’s Prize, Seoul International Choreography Festival, 2016
Jury prize, 19MASDANZA Competition, 2014
MASDANZA Prize, Yokohama Dance Collection EX, 2014
1st Prize, Jerusalem International Choreography Competition, 2013

MeMe MeMe


"MeMe" is Ruri Mito's second group piece. There is a spirit of Mito’s solo piece, and she transmitted her qualities and attitude to her dancers selected at the audition, just like the title “MeMe” comes from the word “meme.” Mito created this sensitive and complex piece like weaving cloth using various colors of threads or like taking time to complete a puzzle piece. The beginning of this project was Ruri Mito's offer to Mr. Masafumi Gotoh, who is the lead vocalist of a Japanese rock band ASIAN KUN-FU GENERATION, to create music for a piece. Mito's order for Gotoh's music was to create sounds don’t disturb dancers' rhythm accumulated in their body or dominate their emotions. In Mito's works, everything starts from a body. At the same time, the music should exist as same as the body. Just like the same cells. Bodies, music, time, these elements come together and “MeMe” invites the audience to a journey to go to individual places, which vary in temperature, a flow of time, etc. It’s all up to each person. Audience can travel through own body, memories, and/or future. This piece tickles feelings of audience and brings an extraordinary sensations.
  • Choreographer:Ruri Mito
  • Music:Masafumi Gotoh
  • Lighting:Akiyo Kushida
  • Premiere:Feb, 2019 (Mitaka City Cultural Center, Tokyo, Japan)


Who are you? A current of time connecting you and me.
Twisting, tangling, untwisting, gathering...
  • Choreographer:Ruri Mito
  • Music:Manami Kakuda
  • Lighting:Akiyo Kushida
  • Premiere:Aug, 2018 (Session House, Tokyo, Japan)

The Lake

This piece was created for a festival with a theme of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.
Mito combined the music with her images inspired by "The Lake," a novel by Yasunari Kawabata.
  • Choreographer:Ruri Mito
  • Music:Manami Kakuda
  • Lighting:Akiyo Kushida
  • Costume:Tomoko Inamura, Ruri Mito
  • Premiere:Aug, 2017 (d-souko, Tokyo, Japan)


‘Matou’ is a unique concept in Japan.
It has direct meanings like “to wear, put on, tangle, roll up,” and it is often used figuratively. I put on my body. I can not see all of my body for a lifetime. Tissues make up my body are kept being renewed, and they will vanish someday. The body without contents will not remain, and where the contents without the body go? Will they keep remaining? Like Snakes and cicadas, most parts of their outer layer of the skin slough off at once and become new.
Although what is left is not a dead body, it still has a perfect shape of the animal and it has no life. Is it an evidence of its life? Is there an evidence of my life?

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